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Elegant designing and an impressive wide inner space; an amazing view to the blue sea; warm hosting and professional service - and of course, wonderful food... these are the central pillars of the planning and establishing the new branch of "Hasukkah Halvana", a fish and seafood restaurant that was opened few years ago in the Tel Aviv seaport area. (The name of the place means "the white pergola" - a reference to the shape of the restaurant that reminds a white pergola - sukkah - the Hebrew word for tabernacles feast booth).

But the climax of the place's experience, the thing that sets a new standard compared to other restaurants in the area, is the culinary achievements: the kitchen staff cook a vast variety of tasty gourmet dishes of meat, fish and seafood - a rich and juicy menu that combines Mediterranean and European cooking styles. All the dishes are fresh, being prepared and cooked on a daily basis.


The menu includes all the classic selections of the sea world (dishes that many costumers would easily and happily recognize from the older branch of "Hasukkah Halvana" in Jaffa), as well as special new options, like European Seabass (Lavrak) in shrimps plating, or fish straps in tampora. In addition, there are many appetizers, first courses and salads, as well as deserts (and also special dishes for the children).


The restaurant is large, spacious and carefully designed. The view of the beautiful sea of Tel Aviv completes the picturesque venue. "Hasukkah Halvana" has gained a large crowd of costumers, many of them are "regulars" that come to eat again and again - thanks to the perfect atmosphere, the warm hosting and the exclusive food.


● Private events of any kind can be hosted in the restaurant, including special business events (with prior notification).


Yorde Hasira 1 (Hangar 4)

 Namal Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv






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Su. - Sa. 10:00 - Until the last costumer